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This centerpiece was designed by Mario Trimarchi. "La Stanza dello Scirocco" is a family of objects for the kitchen and the living room, which is born around the abstract and motionless atmosphere of a magical place: the room where, in the large and old country houses in Sicily, we are forced to stay away from the stifling heat, while waiting for the sirocco to subside. A room without windows, where you do nothing other than think of the wind which, outside, upsets things in the world. This gave rise to a collection of objects with arrhythmic geometries, made up of small shards of different dimensions, united by points in unstable equilibrium.

Data sheet :

  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: Length 41.6 cm / Width 37.5 cm / Height 15 cm
  • Material: Steel
  • Made in Italy

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