Backpack Bump Bags by CrashBaggage
Backpack Bump Bags available in 2 sizes and 4 colours.Made in Italy.Delivery time 21 days...
Totebag weekend by CrashBaggage
Weekend bags available in 2 size and 4 colours.Delivery time 21 days.Made in Italy...
Trolley Bright by CrashBaggage
The Bright Collection includes metalliccolors and its main characteristic is the bright finishing of..
Trolley Camo Limited CrashBaggage
Camouflage trolley available in 3 sizes.Made in Italy Delivery time 21 days ..
Trolley Pioneer by CrashBaggage
The Pioneer Collection is the first collection to be released to themarket. Is characterized by a ca..
Trolley Surface by CrashBaggage
The use of texture on the surface allows us to partly hide thedents decreasing the perception of a r..
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