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The Berti family has been making knives for more than one hundred years, since 1895. It all began with David when he opened his first workshop in Via dell’Oche in Scarperia, and the family tradition has continued without interruption ever since: David was followed by Severino then Alvaro and now Andrea is keeping the wonderful tradition alive. Remember though, producing knives just for the sake of inheriting a tradition is not enough, it is important to have been doing it for quite some time, just about a century!

The work of a sole craftsman. Signed with his initials. Confirming his craft and its value.

Every Knife produced at Coltellerie Berti, is the product of one pair of artisan hands. Whoever begins it finishes it. This is the essence of hand crafting in the Berti family, which since 1895 has insisted on the joy of possessing a real hand-made knife in the most authentic of artisan traditions. And so to declare it convincingly every Berti knife has the artisan’s initials cut into its blade.

In this collection, you will find the best ideas of pastry chef Ernst Knam on how to serve pastry.

Every good cut starts with the choice for the proper knife.

Blade: stainless steel.

Handle: black plexiglass.

Total length of the knife: 22.2 cm.

Total length of the blade: 10.3 cm.

Weight: 122 g.

Additional description:

  • forged blade: these blades are made by hot forging with a mallet, which was once the only way to ensure good cutting quality (blows by the mallet break and reorder steel molecules). Today this technique is highly appreciated because of the beautiful and elegant appearance of the knives, and also ensures good cutting power. Every blade has been tempered at 1055 degrees Celsius and sub-frozen at - 80 degrees Celsius;
  • anchored tang whole handle: Coltellerie Berti "invented" and adopted the full, hand-made handle, in this shape, for the first time in 1977. It is a single block of material suitable shaped and drilled to host the tang (extension of the blade) of the knife. It is fastened in place with a special glue. Knives with full handles are more delicate than those with a full tang (riveted);
  • polished: the blade is polished;
  • plastic handle: the plastic handles are not molded - they are hand made from a sheet of cold cast plexiglass. The only way to achieve long lasting high quality. Each handle is stabilized to permit washing in a dish washing machine.

Handmade in Italy.

Delivery time 1 week.

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