"Cheese Please" cheese grater by ALESSI
Cheese grater in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.Dimensions:height: ..
"Mister Meumeu" cheese cellar with grater by ALESSI
Parmesan cheese cellar with grater in ABS. PA handle and spoon,white ivory.Dimensions: height:..
"Parmenide" grater by ALESSI
Grater with cheese cellar in thermoplastic resin. Available in 5 colors. Dimensions: height: 6...
"Todo" grater by ALESSI
Giant cheese and nutmeg grater in steel and wood.Dimensions:height: 46 cm; length: 10 cm; width: 1..
Cheese grater by ALESSI
Grater with cheese cellar in steel and cherry-wood.Dimensions:height: 7.5 cm; length: 18 cm; width..
Cheese grater by ALESSI
Flat cheese grater in steel and pear-wood.Dimensions:height: 5.4 cm; length: 17 cm; width: 10 cm.M..
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