"Buckle" tube squeezer by ALESSI
Tube squeezer in chrome-plated zamak.Dimensions:length: 7.3 cm; ..
"Mediterraneo" multipurpose container by ALESSI
Multipurpose container in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.Dimensions:height: 15 cm; length: 1..
"Mr. Suicide" bathtub plug by ALESSI
Bathtub plug with float in thermoplastic resin and sucker. Available in 2 colors.Diameter: 4.4 ..
"Otto" dental floss dispenser by ALESSI
Dental floss dispenser in thermoplastic resin.Available in 4 colors.Dimensions:height: 5.5 cm; leng..
"Rondo" toothpaste tube lid by ALESSI
Lid for toothpaste tube in thermoplastic resin, light blue.Dimensions:height: 4 cm; length: 5.5 cm;..
"Sden" tooth brush covers by ALESSI
Set of two toothbrush covers in thermoplastic rubber.Dimensions: height: 5.3 cm; length: 5.5 cm;..
"Secret Fish" all purpose box by ALESSI
All-purpose box in melamine. Hand-decorated.Dimensions:height: 5 cm; length: 15 cm; width: 15 cm...
Electronic body scale by ALESSI
Electronic body scales in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished and thermoplastic resin. LED di..
WC word antic white foliage by Antic Line
WC word antic white foliage. Dimensions: Length 51 cm. Delivery time 21 days. Made in France. ..
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