"A Lotus Leaf" centrepiece in steel by ALESSI
Centrepiece in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.Dimensions: height: 6.3 cm; length: 44.8 cm..
"Bark" centrepiece by ALESSI
Centrepiece available in 3 versions:in 18/1 stainless steel mirror polished;in steel colored with ep..
"Big Shoom" centrepiece by Alessi
"Big Shoom" is a big, swelling bowl made using the double-walled technique, in which the body of the..
"Dressed in Wood" centrepiece by ALESSI
Centrepiece in beech-wood with relief decoration.Dimensions:diameter: 39 cm;height: 5 cm.Made in Ita..
"Les Ministres" centrepiece by ALESSI
Stand/centrepiece in steel mirror polished and thermoplastic resin. Dimensions:diameter: 29 cm..
"Megaptera" centrepiece by ALESSI
Andrea Morgante's instict made him design this Centrepiece in a very particular way. The steel tra..
"Niche" centrepiece by ALESSI
"Niche" can quite simply be considered a domestic sculpture. The composition of formally complex p..
"Opus" centrepiece by ALESSI
Centrepiece available in 3 versions:in steel coloured with epoxy resin, white;in steel coloured with..
Dama plate by Adriani&Rossi
Ceramic centrepiece plate, white-platinum with swarovski. Size: Ø  40 cm.   Del..
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