We started with the same idea in mind. The idea that we can create a story with each new element brought in a house. An element that willrepresent you and will make you feel "home".

Koomood is about you: about who you are, what you love, what you wish to happen around you.Interior or exterior design is not a quirk anymore, but a necessity in order for you to grow, create and exist in a life that is sometimes chaotic and distant.

The founder of koomood, Liviu Tudor, graduated Hanovra University of Design. He started this project because he wanted to bring new and versatile concepts and quality products brought from Europe - products created by notorius designers.

Liviu Tudor, CEO Koomood:"Design can be seen in so many ways! It's a business card, a fairytale in which you escape after long hours at work, a muse to inspire you in your projects, the friend you can count on when you are not in the mood for phone calls or going out with your friends.Yes, it can be all of these, as long as it's created honestly and correctly, and for this you need a trustworthy partner.

Well, you can count on Koomood!"